Countertop Installation

The Big Day

Not knowing what to expect and how to prepare can be lead to a daunting encounter during the install day. We will breakdown what you could expect when the installation day arrives and how you can help us become install ready,

Preparation Stage

In order to prepare for new countertops to be installed, we recommend the following:

Installation Stage

All scheduled installations will have a confirmation call the day of installation and a confirmation call day or two before. This is to ensure that you or someone is available at the property that is awaiting installation. We understand that emergencies can happen for either party therefore timely communication is important to us. 


Once we have arrived and identified ourselves at the door. You are recommended to inspect the natural stone that you have selected as your new countertop. If you purchased your own sink or faucet, please have it ready for us so we can have the accurate sink cutout or holes drilled.

Brand New Quartz Installed

The 50/50 18 gauge sink is mounted with brackets from underneath and sealed with 100% silicone. 

Old Laminate Top Removed.

The previous sink was a top mount which left a huge sink cutout. All plumbing connections were detached in the removal process. 

Adjustment or Modification

Finishing Touches

Once all the countertops are set and leveled on the cabinets, the finishing touch-ups are the last part of the installation process.

This includes caulking all gaps and seams. The main gaps to be filled are between the countertop and cabinets, backsplash and wall, and backsplash to the countertop. This help the countertop adhere to the surface and on top of the cabinets as well as preventing any debris and water from entering the gaps.

Sealing the countertops with a silicone-based mixture to prevent staining and discoloration. This applies to porous natural stones such as granite, marble, and quartzite. Quartz sealer is also available despite quartz being nonporous. 

Care and Maintenance

Our installers will review with you all the recommended care and maintenance items prior to departing. A paper handout will be given as a care checklist.

Warranty Information

All-natural stone manufacturers offer a warranty on their products. We offer a limited-time warranty on workmanship and service. Ask for details