Know your Kitchen

Layout Comes first

When it comes to getting new cabinets for a new home or remodeling, the layout of your kitchen is very important. Many older homes do not conform to today's designs of open kitchen concepts or tend to be isolated from the rest of the home. Here at Elegant Kitchen and Bath, we are able to customize layouts based on the interior structures of the home. We produce and create layouts that maximize cabinet space, improve the flow of the kitchen and minimize eyesores.

General floor Plan

The size of the kitchen is what determines the final floor plan. If you are new construction or doing huge renovations make sure to plan out how big do you want the kitchen to be,

Kitchen Set up

In the kitchen, you typically have two aisles. A working aisle that is wide enough so you can seamlessly cook, prep, and clean. A walkaway aisle that others can move freely in and out.


The real "G"


"Front & Back"


"L but not for Loser"

We can help

Our Cabinet Colors and Style! Prices vary based on choice.

Espresso Shaker Style

Elegant Walnut

Hamilton Walnut

Monroe Cream Glaze

New York Glaze

Preston Chestnut Shaker

Hickory Smoke Saddle

Preston White Shaker

Preston Grey Shaker

Cunningham Grey

Cherry Rope

Navy Blue Shaker